'The Eye Candy Show' | Shelley Page

As well as Gary Napper, we were also visited at university last week by Shelley Page, Head of Outreach International at Dreamworks. Shelley has been working in the field of animation since 1986, when she was lucky enough to work with legendary animation director Richard Williams.

Several short pieces of animation were shown from students and artists that Shelley has met all over the world, these short films were what she thinks have been some of the strongest pieces in the last year. In a way, they're the bar that is being set for graduates such as ourselves who are looking to break in to industry within the next year or so. Shelley emphasized the importance of collaborative projects and how they're conveying confidence, enthusiasm, and portraying our skills as a future team leader. According to Shelley this is definitely a skill that makes you stand out as a recent graduate, because it means you have potential to work your way up in the industry rather than become just a cog in a machine.

Below is one of my favourite shorts of the show, it had such a distinctive style that I found it incredibly inspiring, alongside being a very simple and charming story. Shelley made it quite clear that as someone creating a short film, the main goal is to grab eyeballs, and with this piece I think it's intriguing aesthetic does that perfectly.

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